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2011-08-15 10:26:19 by Yun-chan

We all know I finished my first sim date, and i was working on my second one, but it was taking too long for me to finish before summer finished up, and starting my second year of college soon so I knew I wouldn't finish it before. So, I submitted one of the cute anime dance fads that's going around, as I only did this in two days!

I feel pretty proud of only doing it in two days time, and it was to see how just doing six frames and timing it to move with the music. I know it's not the greatest, but it was worth the effort to me. Here's a link if you're interested!

Caipirinha dance oc

Those characters that appear, are my own since most have done most of my favorite characters already.

Fantasy Sim Date COMPLETED!!!

2011-06-06 23:38:02 by Yun-chan

I finished the sim date that I worked on and off for the past several months! Since it's a big file, I just submitted it to Deviantart, so I'll give ya the link so you can play it if you want! Here's an image from the game, and maybe I'll put it up here some time as well!

Here's the link peeps:
Fantasy Sim Date

Just doing another post so you know I'm still kick'n with life!


Fantasy Sim Date COMPLETED!!!

Well, I finally did it...I talked myself into making a sim date with my original characters! I already have it all written out on paper, now I just have to make it in flash! ^_^

Artwork is much better, I found backgrounds that made it look great as well---and I'm having a ball bringing it to life! So, look out for "Fantasy Sim Date" as that's the title and it's for girls, but guys can find it fun as well.

A new project heading your way! Woot!

News from Yun-chan!

2010-11-24 01:54:48 by Yun-chan

Well...where to start? JK lol I've been busy with school and work, so working on flash related projects went on hold. I got a better idea than just making a flash cartoon! One evening, while on dA I flipped thru my favorites, and then went to one of the creations. Pacthesis, is one of the people I watch...she has made some good stuff over the last few years, and one thing she'll do from time to time is--a flash book.

Now, a flash book(like a picture book, but with back and forward buttons), I've done something like this for a class in high school, but with powerpoint and it was for little kids. Since I'm still learning in flash, I decided to do something simple, and so far one idea is working well in this situation. The "One afternoon" is going better as a flash book than just a flash cartoon. Also, this is giving me practice with buttons, so I'll have a nack with button making, and I'll be able to do even more cool stuff in the future!

I may do some more stuff like this for a while, as it's different and just challenging enough for me right now. Also, gives me a chance to improve drawing with my wacom tablet--as I got a little rusty over the last couple of months. lol But, that's what up with me, and just look forward to my creations!

So, here's the cover of the "Flash book"

News from Yun-chan!

A flash project done, and another one on the way!

2010-07-29 08:56:19 by Yun-chan

I was very nervous with what was going to happen when I posted "Character videos" but, I'm still glad I put it up! I know I'm still just starting, which is okay--I'm still learning how to use flash. Also, I'm very happy by the positive reviews that I received as well, because that just inspired me and motivated me to want to do better! :3 Thanks dudes! I really mean it!

Even the bad ones made me laugh, because when I first made an account, I knew there was going to be people who enjoy putting others down, cause they don't know better. :3 I'm laughing as I'm typing right now! lol

Any who, I'm already working on another flash project, but this one isn't as long as my first. I'm taking one of my reviewers advice and trying my hand at doing something simpler. Well, if this project takes awhile--o well, I rather take my time and do an awesome flash than a rushed sloppy flash! ^_^

Edit:This is the title page of the flash! :3

Well, that's all for now! Yun-chan out!

A flash project done, and another one on the way!

What is to come this summer...

2010-06-04 03:55:35 by Yun-chan

Coming this summer to a computer near you...I kid. Anywho, I'm almost done with my Character video flash I've been working on for three months now! I just need to finish two more parts and it should be showing up pretty soon!

I've been busy so that's probably why I haven't responded to a lot of the flashes and some messages I've seen or received. So, don't think that I don't care, I just work a lot and I have other responsibilities that I have to attend to. Then again, I just went to AZ (animazement) so, that took a lot of my spare time too.

All in all, view my website for more of my artwork--as that's where I post most of my work. ;p And look forward to my latest flash project!

Yun-chan out!

What is to come this summer...

Character music videos or CMV!

2010-03-22 12:48:32 by Yun-chan

Well, in my last post I talked about my last project "A Twisted fantasy" and how I have to scrap it, but I plan on working on it once I finish "character music videos" which is going to be an intro to some of my original characters that I've created over the years. So, look forward to this as I can finally add the goods to my flashes as well!

This is a link to one of my first flashes I made in high school, so sorry if it's a little off. *sweatdrop*
Here's Nox everyone

Here's a short story I did!

Miharu's Vampire
By: Yun-chan a.k.a. animegirlp

Walking through the night was a young woman who lost her way.

"Where do I go, I feel like I'm going in circles." She whimpered all the while wringing her palms.

Trailing through the forest the maple-brown headed woman stumbled upon a castle. Taking the structure in, she couldn't hold back the curiosity that crept into her chest.

Wow, I thought these didn't exist anymore. She pondered as she approached the dark mysterious castle.


"Hello? Is anyone home?" She asked as she moved about the hallway, her voice echoing off the stone walls. Little did the woman know, the three owners were out feeding, and would be home soon.

Hearing her stomach make a protest she placed a palm on her belly, and laughed nervously "I know I should've eaten before I left...stupid."

Walking on in this massive place, she somehow made it to the kitchen. She couldn't believe her eyes-a feast appeared before her in a matter of minutes.

I'm I going insane from hunger, or is it real? She questioned quietly approaching the table loaded with food.

She ate to her heart's content and grew weary shortly after. Wandering the place for a bedroom, she came across a hallway that leads to a single bedroom. Strolling inside, the woman scanned the room for a bed-and as she did, sleep overtook her; putting her in a deep sleep.


"Kaiku, come on! I gonna say you enjoyed yourself, whether you believe it or not!" One of the three vampires exclaimed with slight annoyance as he leaned against the dark brown haired vampire-his fangs glinting in the moonlight as he smiled at his friend.

"Yozo, will you stop, I'm not too happy at the moment my friend." Kaiku replied shooting the crimson haired vampire a warning glance. Noticing his other friend sniff the area and make a face he asked "Zo, what is it?"

Blond trends moved as Zo turned to look at Kaiku. His violet depths moving about, scanning for anything out of the ordinary.

"Something's not right...someone's here." He took a whiff. "A...woman." Zo ended a dark grin upon his lips.

Yozo's blood red orbs sparkled at the mention of a woman, and licked his lips.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Yozo shouted gliding off in the woman's scented trail.

"Womanizer." Zo muttered as he followed the red-head. Kaiku only sighed, before following the other two.


"We definitely have a beauty, what shall we do gentlemen?" Kaiku asked smiling at the two men.

"Yes what to do-Zo?" Yozo questioned his gaze on the blond.

Why do I have to decide? Zo pondered violet meeting emerald, then crimson meeting violet.

He glanced upon the woman's sleeping form, deciding on what to do with her.

She looks and smells heavenly...Hn, her blood most definitely be sweeter than honey. What would she taste like...I wonder. The vampire pondered an erection clearly seen through his black leather pants.

"And he calls me a womanizer..." Yozo muttered. Kaiku just smiling not wanting anything to do with this.

Coming to a conclusion Zo barked "Leave, I'll deal with this myself."

The two men obeyed disappearing into the shadows without thought.

Now, he thought turning to the woman. You're MINE. All the while a dark grin on his features, as he gazed at her form with lust.


"Hmm, what a nice nap!" She chirped sketching as she sat up.

"Hello...little one." Zo purred lust in his tone. He held down the urge to pounce on her, and taking her now. She gasped as she heard Zo, and blushed when blue met with violet.

"M-m-my na-na-name is Miharu, w-w-who are you?" She stuttered from embarrassment in his presences.

Zo smiled showing his fangs as he moved towards her. He stopped until his breath was fanning against her heated cheeks. Miharu gasped as she could feel him rub against her inner thigh, her blush increasing in volume.

"Zo..." He said as he wrapped a trend of her hair around a digit, their noses touching slightly. "And're the first to have," he started with a husky tone. Soon he grasped her palm bringing it to his member. "This effect with just a look. Mi-ha-ru..." He whispered before kissing her hard but passionately.

A News update!

2010-03-17 23:31:57 by Yun-chan

"A twisted fantasy" was going to be a pretty good series, but turned out to be a big old mess, and I've decided to use the material I got from that series and use it in another one of my many flash ideas. The plot was really good, and my characters awesome...I just have to rescrap, and go from there...anywho, I guess enjoy a poem I wrote instead for the time being. ;p

Ramblings of a Teenager

What should I talk about on this Tuesday?
Art, poems, or stories on people
Poems are what I'm working on kay?
Well, I'll have a lot on special people!

Drawing is what I rather do now,
Though writing is something I need to do.
Should I draw a pasture of cows,
With big black spots and mid-morning dew?

Or write a story about someone.
Who, who, who could this story be on?!
Victories, adventure and battles won,
Or about a character as a pawn.

Yes, yes! The story is a plan then,
One with a beginning and sad end.

A News update!

Another update

2010-02-21 00:13:15 by Yun-chan

Well, I'm currently working on a flash project that I know I'll have drawn out by the end of this month, making it two months since I started on it. Currently it's 47 seconds, which is a record for me, as most of the flashes I've made been ten seconds, or twenty at best. *sweatdrop*

Anywho, just an update and I'm out.


Another post!

2010-02-20 11:22:30 by Yun-chan

I guess I like updating, since I get comments...even if I only have two people, like I said before I'm just having fun and all that jazz! Oh, and the pieces of artwork that I've been posting with my news post, are mine...but, then you guys probably knew that. *sweatdrop* I'm trying to post my artwork, but newgrounds is being picky. Though, I can post them here with no trouble, so I'll post them here and you can tell me what you think of them, or just plain chat, or pm me!

Sorry, if I don't seem talkey? I don't really talk with chat, me old fashion! I love talking on phones or in person! Cause I can sound like I'm insulting, but I'm not really. So, yeah like in my last post, I do the whole anime, manga, and video games...but who doesn't now a days?

The games I enjoy playing are:

Devil May Cry 1-4
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10, and can't wait for 13!
Shadow Hearts 1 and 2
Tales of Vesperia
Tales of the Abyss
Super Mario Bros. Wii
Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core

Okay, that's enough for now as I could keep going...*sweatdrop*


Another post!