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[sandordude]_Time [sandordude]_Time

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This is great!

I can definitely hear the work in this piece, and I gotta say I'm enjoying the chill beat, and then the guitar and the ending is very nice with the waves, and hearing it over sounds great as well. The beginning and end work well, and the middle is where the juicy bits are that keep the listener listening. This piece would go great with one of my male characters in my sim date I'm working on, the whole song can play and loop and ah, it's just so good! Great job man! ;p

Significate Epitome Significate Epitome

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This is awesome!

This is so good! This piece tells a story. The beginning is perfect for someone who is on a journey trying to find someone, and then the middle the two people are trying to escape something awful, and the rest is that journey still, awesome dude, awesome work!

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InvisibleObserver responds:


Theme of Love (FFIV) Theme of Love (FFIV)

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Thank you!

Heard this when I clicked on the audio portal, and wow! It works for a sim date I'm working on! So beautiful, and so sad as well. It's perfect for one of the characters of mine. Then again, once I saw that it was made by you...I knew it was gonna be good. ;p

*- Revelation -* *- Revelation -*

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Heh, most of the music I've listened to on NG is good, and your's is one of them. When I listen to this I'm seeing a story, or an epic fight scene and at the end, it all just ends. nice. :D

Jebbal responds:

Yeah I guess I can kinda see an epic fight scene, I wasn't really going for anything like that though. I was just trying to make a cool, dirty sounding club song =) Glad you like it!

Thanks for the review!

Tales of Destiny (Remake) Tales of Destiny (Remake)

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Even though it's just a remake, I'm glad to see something from a Tales series. :D This is very relaxing, but there's some sadness in it as well. I can see this playing in the aftermath of a tragic event.

{dj-N} The End of Time {dj-N} The End of Time

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Now, I listen to music when I create artwork and that jazz. This, I can see it being in something like, someone traveling at first, or a fight scene, or even just being an intro/story of a character.

Well, that's what I think...this is definitely being downloaded. :D

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